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Hello I have a request, thanks in advance

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Hello I have a request, thanks in advance

Мнениеот notly1988 » 10 Авг 2018 15:17

Hello I am a fan of Slovak football and FC Artmedia Petrzalka (Bratislava). I will not forget the 2005/2006 season when the team eliminated successively Cairo Almaty, Celtic, Partizan Belgrade and reached the group stage of the Champions League where he presented himself extremely worthy in the game Inter Milano, Glasgow Rangers and FC Porto. My game is the following I saw on the website of Ufa matches have reports from them, but I can not distract them (there are also the whole games - I can not get them too) :( I tried at all can be called experience with Relay Media Catcher because I can not use it - as far as I know it can be downloaded from sites such as the Ufa If one can get the matches of Artmedia with Porto - 2 and those with Rangers both and send them to me upload in the cow :) I will be very grateful :)
Thank you in advance!
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