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BFL Fifa 10 doesnt work

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BFL Fifa 10 doesnt work

Мнениеот bgamerica » 06 Дек 2009 05:27

Hi. Recently i tried to download bfl fifa 10 and could not get it to run. It installed successfully - went through the black box and everything - but when i try to play it a message shows up "fifafs.exe has stopped working." I have reinstalled multiple times.
I run windows 7, have all the latest drivers and a strong graphics, memory, etc. I dont know why the game doesnt work. I am in the USA, so that might have something to do with it. the "arena.bg" and "data.bg" links dont work at all- i've been downloading it from bfl-team.com and filefront

Also, making an english-language installation would be helpful, because all i get is random letters (not in cyrillic - like áuééó ÉÃÓÈ"). i figured it out, but it would still be useful to understand everything.

Thanks in advance.
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