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A brief journey through Europe`s top 5 leagues

Всичко свързано с играта UEFA Euro 2000
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A brief journey through Europe`s top 5 leagues

Мнениеот MichaelSmith » 15 Май 2018 15:52


Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid and Sevilla look certain or close to certain of going to CL. Real probably champions, it`s theirs to lose. For the 3 EL spots I see 5 teams competing: I think Villarreal with the best chance and Espanyol with the least chance, the other 3 Eibar, Athletic Bilbao and Real Sociedad have about equal chances on paper. I want Eibar, but even I feel claiming them to have equal chances quite outrageous. 7 rounds to go. Germany: Bayern and Leipzig look certain of going to the CL and Dortmund with Hoffenheim with overwhelming odds will follow them. Bayern are champions of course. For the 3 EL places I see at least 8 teams competing. Even Leverkusen could make up the 5 points needed in the remaining 6 rounds.

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