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About UEFA Euro 2004

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About UEFA Euro 2004

Мнениеот davefollmer » 08 Юни 2018 09:00


UEFA Euro 2004 brings home the hard-hitting action of the UEFA Cup. Europe's hottest soccer league comes to life -- complete with all the hard-hitting, fast-moving you'd expect on a Professional soccer field! Tough AI opponents adopt new tactics as you play, for a more challenging victory Online support for incredible multiplayer gaming.EA's latest game is the aforementioned UEFA Euro 2004, which is basically a version of FIFA that centers around Europe's biggest football jam. For the uninitiated, the Euro tournament is probably second only to the World Cup in its scope and gravity. After all, there are a ton of nations in Europe (quick, name 'em all), and they're all pretty darn good at the sport.

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